About HiTeckFix

HiTeckFix is a family owner business. It serves Calgary local communities and also helps small and medium-scale businesses like construction, land scaping, and snow removal companies by providing them with various network-related services such as Network support (LAN), Data backup, Data recovery, All software and Hardware related issues. Computer clean-ups and repairs.

We also repair mobile phones, smartphones, computers, iPad, and tablets. We repair all major brands of mobile phones, computers, and tablets: Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, Google, BlackBerry, etc, and deliver to customers a swift, quality, and standardized service.

Our Computer Technician specialist team are ready to assist with all computer needs & Repair. We take care of computers to its fullest repair procedures for the best result. We are happy to assist our customers to answer all their questions about their computer to the best of our ability. We have a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and will help our customers to meet their needs and satisfaction.

For any questions, please call us or email us at the given number and email. 

Our Vision

HiTeckFix team of professionals that are able to handle any job you might want to request. We offer these services at reasonable rates, and we ensure that the work is done with high-quality standards. We also offer our clients an unlimited backup service for their important documents and files; which includes but is not limited to some extent

What we really do?

We offer a service of Ipad and Laptop services to our customers. We are able to provide the best in class services for our customers.The best thing about us is that we are able to provide a wide range of services for all the devices that we sell.We offer mobile, Ipad and Laptop repair services.We specialize in the repairing of mobile devices such as Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. We also provide a range of other laptop repair services including screen replacements, data recovery and more.

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